Craft Ciders, Apple Cider vinegars (ACV), Apple Juices &  Spiced Ciders

Orchard 101 Products

  • Medium Dry Farmhouse Ciders
  • Apple Cider Vinegars with the Mother 
  • Apple Juice
  • Spiced and Mulled Ciders (Available from 1st October to Wassailing on 5th January)
Orchard 101 Production
  • Small batch production in 50 litre barrels
  • Traceability from tree to bottle 
  • We know exactly what type and mix of apples go into each batch of Orchard 101 Cider
  • Made using only fresh-pressed apple juice
  • Never diluted with water throughout the production process
  • No sulphites or additives
  • Grown, harvested, pressed and bottled at Orchard 101

Orchard 101 - a Local Ciderie Making Real Cider